July 31, 2010 Digital Wedding Album Design

I haven’t posted any album designs in a while or any weddings so here is the design of the next wedding that should be posted. I know I’m way behind but what’s the rush. Good things come to those who wait. I hope you enjoy the layout.


Wedding Album Design I Recently Finished

I used my new video editing software I bought recently to make the slideshow video. I know it’s a little primitive, but I’m still learning how to use it. I used Adobe CS5 and Pixel Creator pro to make the album design. The images for the design came from a wedding a shot back on August 7, 2010, Miranda and Cecil’s wedding. The wedding turned out awesome and I can’t wait to see her finished album in book form. I hope you enjoy the design. It’s time for me to start on another design for my December 18th wedding.

Well my video embed stopped working so I had to take it off,butt here’s the design.

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The House-Butts Wedding Album Design

You may have seen this design before. If you’ve met me at a bridal show or come to my house before, you’ve seen this design because it is one of my samples. It became a new sample when I accidentally put Nov. 8, 2009 instead of Nov. 8, 2008 on the cover.  Yes, I do a lot of stupid things sometimes, but don’t worry I had a new one printed for my client. I would never make a client take an album they had a problem with. That’s why, in most cases, I work very hard with my couples to make sure their album is perfect for them.

I would love to hear from brides and even other photographers about their thoughts on wedding albums. Anything from cost to image selection, nothings off-limits. For example, I let my clients pick their own images for the album. A lot of photographers don’t. I understand the reasons why-clients take too long to pick their images, the images they pick aren’t very good for the looks of the album, clients pick too many posed family shots etc. Even so, I still let my clients pick. It’s not my album, it’s their album and if they like it that’s all that matters. So here’s another example design for you to enjoy.

Pullen Wedding album design

Every time I post an album design I get a whole bunch of hits on my blog. So I’m guessing people like to look at sample album designs. So here’s another one. The wedding was back in April and the couple have hadtheir fiinished album for about 6 months now. They ordered their album pretty quickly and got it just a few months after the wedding. Every couple gets to pick their own images and get to make changes to the layout before it is printed. If you have any questions about my album designs don’t hesitate to ask.

Maria and Zach’s Album Design

Here is another album design I finished over the holidays. It is from the wedding I shot on July 19, 2009. You can still see all the images from this wedding under client proofing on my website. In case you didn’t know, all of my client sites are open to the public so you don’t need a password to look at them. You will need to put in your email address, but don’t worry, I don’t market to those email addresses. They are only used for saving favorites on the client site.

I loved the images from this wedding. Maria was very adventurous and so was her husband Zach. The pictures always come out better when the couple is willing to have fun. They picked wonderful images for the album. Most couples will pick a lot of posed family images. I discourage this. I think the posed family images belong on your wall and not in your wedding album. It’s OK to have a few; maybe a page worth, but the rest should be images that tell the story of your wedding day. You want your children and your grandchildren to be able to look at your album and know what your wedding day was like. You want them to be able to feel what you felt and posed photos don’t convey those emotions. I hope you enjoy the layout!

Recent wedding album layout

Below is a recent wedding album layout I finished. It was for a panorama style album with twelve pages. The couple picked their own images to go in the album and then I put the design online for them to see. I normally suggest two images per page side as a nice balance so the album doesn’t get too cluttered. So a twelve page album would have about 48 images in it and twenty page album would have around 80 images. The great thing about all the albums that I offer is that the same design can be used in all of them. You can order a nice Zook Book for yourself and use the same design in one of the layflat albums to give to parents. I discount the duplicate albums 50% when  you use the same design because most of the price of the albums is my time spent designing.   

If you’ve ordered an album with me and I still have your design you can order duplicates anytime and get them 50% off list price. I don’t keep album designs long though. I always need to make room for new weddings coming in so the designs only get stored for maybe a year. Check out this couples design, I hope you enjoy it!