10 Things you should know about Crouse Photography

1. Negatives – The full size image files comes with your package including a copyright release.

2. Black and White – I shoot digital so any image can be converted to black and white.

3. Time – Crouse Photography lets you pick how much time you want. I also only book one wedding per day so you have the security of knowing if you need me longer I will be there.

4. Experience – There are many stresses during a wedding. I am an experienced photographer who knows how to bring everything together and in an orderly and relaxed fashion. I have shot over 200 weddings.

5. Price – I have packages that you can choose from, but all my packages are customizable to fit your needs. If you are having a small affair or a grand ball, Crouse Photography will have something to fit your budget.

6. Professional – I am always on time, patient, and positive. I am always friendly and help to keep things organized. If our original plan doesn’t work out I always have a plan B to keep things moving smoothly.

7. Flexibility – I am always flexible to meet my client’s needs. If my packages don’t fit, my clients can customize their own. If the typical photo schedule won’t work, then we’ll come up with one together that will. I understand that every bride and every wedding is unique.

8. Style/Approach – Beautiful images of the couple are very important, but so are images of your friends and family who were there to share your wedding. I try to capture a little of everyone. I also feel the small details are important too. You spent ours choosing your colors, flowers, décor, and other personal touches, those things should be captured forever.

9. Personality – I am always calm and friendly and easy to get along with. I know how boring and uncomfortable posing can be so I try to make it fun and relaxed and as short as possible. I am always open to suggestion and encourage it to help make your images reflect who you are.

10. Listen – I always try to listen more than I speak. I ask questions to help my clients express who they are and what they are looking for. Never be afraid to ask about something, I want to hear what you have to say.