Need a Wedding Album Made From That DVD Collecting Dust?

You took all those photos. Now you can sit back and let Crouse Photography design the album.

Did your photographer happily hand you a disk then disappear leaving you
unsure what to do with your images? Then give Crouse Photography a call. I can
help you get your images into a beautiful and affordable wedding album

Crouse Photography provides photographers and brides with custom-created,
magazine-style albums. You just send me your photos on CD, DVD, or Blur-ray and
I hand you back a magazine-style, custom-designed album or your design on DVD in
PDF or JPG format.

My Millers Layflat books, Millers layflat Albums, and Photobooks by
Zookbinders are some of the most beautiful and affordable wedding albums made
today. The layout of each album is done on computer so each page is a unique
creation. The albums come with photo covers and are an original design based on
your wedding colors and tastes.

The Millers Panorama Albums and Zookbook Panorama Albums are a nice step up
from the options mentioned above. The covers are made of leather and the inside
pages are thicker and made to last and be handed down generation after
generation. They also feature computer laid out pages like the albums above
giving your photographer complete creative freedom.

All of my wedding albums come with a variety of photo styles from color to
black & white, infrared, sepia tone, selective color and overlays. This is
why my albums are so unique and are cherished for a lifetime.

Contact Crouse Photography for pricing information.

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About to leave for an Engagement session at Hagerstown City Park

Before I take off to shoot another engagement session I thought I’d share a pic I took at Hagerstown City Park a while back.

I always liked this pic. Hopefully I’ll get some today that I like too. And the couple too, I hope they like them. I’ll be posting on my website a new session soon, a family/ engagement portrait session. You can see all my current work by going to this link All the hosted sites are open to the public so don’t be shy, take a look and see if there’s anything you like.