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Sarah and Jason married October 17th, 2009

Yes I know! I’m way behind on blogging my last 3 weddings. In November I went through a little “help I never want to see another photo again” phase and decided for one month to pursue another love I have, writing. I signed up for the national novel month writing contest and wrote a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, and I won! I can’t say the novel is actually good and in Dec. I’m suppose to be editing it to make it better, but I found that I was in the mood to design albums instead. I only have one more left to design. Not bad compared to last year. I was designing all the way up to April then the weddings started up again.

     I decided today, Christmas eve, while my husband still sleeps to catch up on a little wedding blogging. On October 17th, the rainiest month ever, I was blessed to shoot the wedding of Sarah and Jason. They heard of me through Sharon one of my past brides and I was so glad they decided to book me.

I shot they’re engagement session in Leesburg which is a really nice location. All kinds of colorful buildings, gardens, and architecture to make use of. It threatened to rain the whole time I guess it should have been a sign of things to come.  We had planned to shoot in old town Alexandria on the wedding day but it rained nonstop the whole day. The Mark Center where the guests were all staying and where the reception was held, had a lovely outdoor area to shoot in. Too bad we didn’t get to use it.

Well, we sort of got to use it. It was in the background.

Not exactly what I had in mind though. Despite the weather, I still got some amazing shots that I was happy with and Sarah and Jason seemed very happy as well, and in the end that’s what matters most, that my couples are happy. So here are a couple of my favorites from the day.

The groom, Jason, looking foxy on his wedding day.

And of course, Sarah, the gorgeous bride.

You gotta have your chicks with you on your wedding day!

I’ve always had a thing for beautiful eyes, and Sarah definitely has beautiful eyes.

Never forget to pack an umbrella on your wedding day, just in case. I always have a huge gulf umbrella just in case. I had to buy a tacky rainbow-colored one because guests kept “borrowing” my normal looking umbrellas. No one  wants the rainbow umbrella! LOL 

Finally after months of planning, your standing at the altar. It must feel wonderful to be there together.

Well, so this post doesn’t go on forever, one last image of the couple together. I always wish I had more time. I never feel like I get enough images of the couple together. I only get maybe ten minutes with them after the ceremony once all the family shots are done. I wish more couples would see each other before the ceremony so there would be more time. The few couples that have seen each other before were happy that they did.