First Dance Alternatives from Offbeat Bride

I’ve met a  lot of shy couples over the years who ended up  skipping the whole first dance thing because they didn’t like the idea of dancing in front of their family and friends or they just wanted something different but didn’t know what.   Well who said you had to have a first dance anyway? Why not a first drink together or a first jump in a pool together, a first moon bounce together,  or my personal favorite a first Jedi fight together! Yes I know! I’m a total nerd and proud of it! Check out the article below for some great alternatives to get those creative juices flowing.

A few days ago I got asked a question via Twitter about about some suggestions for good alternatives to the first dance. Offbeat Bride has broached the topic of dance-free wedding receptions before, but what if you like to dance, but you just don’t want to have to be the ONLY ONES dancing? Or, maybe you love being the only ones under the spotlight, but dancing isn’t exactly your thing, what are your other options? Continue




Sample Wedding Day Schedule for a 3pm ceremony

6:30am- Wake up! Shower and eat a large breakfast. You may not get to eat again till the reception. Load car with things you gathered over the past few days. You may want to load these things the night before into your car to save time.7:30am- Head for beauty salon for 8am appointment.

8am- Start beauty appointment. Tell them you need to leave by 10:45am. Schedule a stylist for each bridesmaid so everyone will finnish at the same time

10:45am- Leave salon with hair and make-up done. (Your bridesmaids should be following the same schedule so you will all be done at the same time.)

11:15am- Arrive at church.(plan 10 mins to park and get things from the car to the bridal room)

11:30am photographer arrives to setup equipment in the church

11:30pm- Florist arrives to ready church in time for 12:30pm photos.

12pm- Photographer starts getting ready shots with the bride and bridesmaids. The bridesmaids should be completely ready at this time so they can help the bride get in her dress.

12:30pm- photography starts of the bride, bridesmaids and bride’s side of the family. Groom and Groomsmen must be ready by 1:30pm

. 12:30pm- Any member of the Bride’s side of the family who are not already there must arrive by this time for formal pictures.

1pm- The Groom and Groomsmen should be pinning on flowers at this time.

1:20pm- Finnish photography and hide the bride.

1:30- Start photography of Groom, Groomsmen and family.

2:30- Stop photography, and start letting guests be seated.

2:45pm- Start lining up wedding party.

3:00pm- The big moment!!! (Ceremony 30 min.)

3:30pm- Ceremony over. Keep everyone together.

3:40pm- Start photography of couple together and group shots. Make sure that everyone you want in photos is aware of it and that they are to return to the sanctuary quickly.

4pm- Limo arrives.

4:15pm- photography ends.

4:25pm- into the limo.

5pm- Arrive at reception. Bustle dress. Dj starts lining up wedding party.

5:10pm- announcement of wedding party.

5:20pm- First dance.

5:35pm- Dinner and mingle.

6:20pm- Start pouring drink for the toast.

6:35pm- Cake cutting and toast right afterward.

7pm- father/daughter dance and son/mother dance.

7:10pm- crank up the dance floor!!!

7:40pm- bouquet and garter toss. Limo is ready outside.

7:55pm- pass out birdseed. guest move to outside. Couple says good-bye to parents.

8:05pm- The big send-off.

8:10pm- bridal party takes care of gifts and any other duties needed for the couple.




I suggest that the bride make a schedule like this and give it to all her vendors and people participating in the wedding. It will help your wedding day to go smoother and let everyone involved know what to do and when. Thank you and I hope your wedding planning goes well.

Why Do You Have To Have Flowers As Your Bouquet?

A wedding bouquet made out of shells for a bride who wants to be different

A wedding bouquet made out of shells for a bride who wants to be different

Anyone  who knows me, knows I like to break rules. I where socks that don’t match my clothes, I like to wear sweats when I meet with my brides. I’d wear pajamas if I could get away with it and I have a huge collection of Halloween stockings that might frighten some, and I wear them on a regular basis. So when I came across the wedding website Offbeat Bride I fell in love and felt a need to share it with everyone. I wish more brides were like this in our area. Maybe their scared to be different? I don’t know, but what ever it is I hope this site helps get the wheels turning in a more creative direction.

An article I would like to point out from the site is the one about bouquets. Why does your bouquet have to be flowers? Or even, why do you have to have a bouquet at all? I think it’s time to start thinking outside of the box!  Here is a little bit of the article from Offbear Bride…

17 wedding bouquet alternatives for fearless brides

I opted to not carry a bouquet; put something, anything, in my hands and watch me awkwardly bend, fold and fondle it into oblivion. Plus, for some strange reason, I didn’t feel like spending a load of money for flowers that I was just going throw away at the end of the day. But if I wasn’t so fidgety I would have definitely been one of those brides that opted for a bouquet alternative to flowers. READ MORE


An origami bouquet, a bouquet you can keep forever!

An origami bouquet, a bouquet you can keep forever!

Heddy and Richard Married August 29, 2009

Heddy and Richard were married at Calvery United Methodist Church in Martinsburg WV on August 29, 2009. They met by chance in front of a restaurant and Richard proposed to Heddy on one knee at McCormack & Schmitle in Reston VA. They had a very traditional wedding and it was wonderful. They had a wonderful family that I enjoyed meeting. believe it or not  Heddy is a great grandmother! She looks way to young to be a great grandmother to me. The reception was at the Holiday Inn in Martinsburg WV. Their beautiful cake was made by Janet Farmer and the flower arrangements were designed by Flowers Unlimited. Neil from Celebrations Entertainment kept everyone entertained the whole night. They were passing his chicken mask around to everyone. I had a great time at this wedding and I’m so glad I got to photograph it.   

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Jennifer and Richard blasting off into marriage August 22, 2009

Jennifer and Richard are big Star Wars fans. They even had a groom’s cake with princess Leah and Han Solo. They met at Hedgesville High School and went camping one day on the Chesapeake Bay and Richard proposed to Jennifer on the beach that day. Their wedding ceremony took place at South Berkeley Baptist Church and so did the reception. It was a wonderful wedding. I especially liked the way Richard looked at Jennifer as she came down the aisle. I also loved that they did a planned exit, it is always a wonderful way to end the reception and makes great images as well.

Jennifer got her dress at David’s Bridal and the tuxes came from the Men’s Wearhouse. The church provided all the food and it was really good! Depot Florist arranged all the flower decorations and they did a great job. Sweet tooth bakery made one of the cakes and the other one was made by Sweet Inspirations here in Martinsburg. The entertainment was provided by Stevie G.  It was a wonderful wedding I’m so glad I was apart of it. Congrats Jennifer and Richard.

Desi and Sam married August 8, 2009

Desi and Sam met at Shepherd University and had their first date at Hagerstown City Park. Sam also proposed to her at the park and that’s also where we did their engagement session.

Their ceremony was held at Mt. Zion Church in Hagersown MD and the reception was at Knights of Columbus also in Hagerstown. Her dress was from David’s bridal and his tux was from Classic Tuxedos. Sweet Inspirations in Martinsburg made their wedding cake. Desi’s dad played all the music at the ceremony and reception. He was really working hard! Sam’s sister in law was their videographer and the whole family did the catering. Despite a few unexpected delays, everything turned out wonderful.