Recent wedding album layout

Below is a recent wedding album layout I finished. It was for a panorama style album with twelve pages. The couple picked their own images to go in the album and then I put the design online for them to see. I normally suggest two images per page side as a nice balance so the album doesn’t get too cluttered. So a twelve page album would have about 48 images in it and twenty page album would have around 80 images. The great thing about all the albums that I offer is that the same design can be used in all of them. You can order a nice Zook Book for yourself and use the same design in one of the layflat albums to give to parents. I discount the duplicate albums 50% when  you use the same design because most of the price of the albums is my time spent designing.   

If you’ve ordered an album with me and I still have your design you can order duplicates anytime and get them 50% off list price. I don’t keep album designs long though. I always need to make room for new weddings coming in so the designs only get stored for maybe a year. Check out this couples design, I hope you enjoy it!

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