Santa: The Morning After

Too Funny! Have fun Santa, you deserve it!

Kana Wanders

Ever wonder where Santa goes to unwind after the hectic rush of his Christmas deliveries?  Thanks to the sharp reporting of our family in Hawai’i, I’m happy to say I can solve the mystery for you.

Here he is, arriving at the beach by outrigger canoe (hey, the reindeer need a break too!)…  Keoni and I have a pipe-dream of converting a certain acre of land on the Big Island into a bed and breakfast (once the Idaho kids have finished school and we’re free to return to the Islands)–think Santa would like a place to stay?  Mele Kalikimaka!

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Dear Rachel: Why should I bother?

Excellent Advice! I’m working on my second unpublished novel and the second one is so much better than the first. I’ve learned so much can’t to start the third one because the third ones the charm.