Amateur Photography Contest

I’ve decided to have a contest! So send your images in and you may win $50 if your picked as the winner.

**Entries must be received by July 31, 2012 at 12 midnight**

How to enter Crouse Photography’s FREE photography contest

It’s time to reveal the details of my first 2012 Amateur Photographer competition.
This first competition will be open to any theme and all ages. Images likely to catch the judges’ eye are those that are creative, skillfully composed, and technically excellent.

One winner will be picked and will receive a prize of $50. The winning image will also be displayed at and other social media sites associated with Crouse Photography. It is FREE to enter the contest. For more info on the contest visit Photography Contest If you would like to see the other entries visit this link Contest Entries
Image size
Your image must be at least 1800 pixels along its longest dimension and 72 DPI. The file name of your image must be your first and last name, for example RoxanneCrouse.jpg. The subject line of your email must state Photography Contest Entry: Roxanne Crouse. Finally, in the body of your email, include your name and contact information. If your email does not meet these requirements, we will unfortunately not be able to enter your submission into the competition.
·  Entrants should submit only ONE image.
·  Only entries sent to the correct email address will be entered into the competition
·  The image should be at least 1800 pixels along its longest edge 72 DPI. Larger files will be accepted.
·  It must be a JPEG file, preferably sRGB.
·  The file name must be your first name and last name.
·  The subject line of your email must state, Photography Contest Entry: “Your Name”.
·  Include your postal address and daytime telephone number in the body of your email.
·  Entries must be received by July 31, 2012 by 12 midnight

****Please note the following and send your email to****

Copy and paste the following into the body of your email and tick or mark “x” in the brackets below where applicable –
I earn 0% of my total annual income from photography (tick to confirm) [  ]  This entry has not previously been published in a national US photography magazine [  ]  (tick to confirm). Crouse Photography will collect your personal information to process your entry. If you would like to receive emails from Crouse Photography containing news, special offers and product and service information and take part in future contests, please tick here [  ]


Photo Of The Day

I love this father, daughter shot. I took it this past Saturday at my wedding as the bride and her dad walked the aisle together. I’m amazed at how often the dad and bride don’t look at each other, but these two did and I was right on it. I’m always waiting, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Many times the bride and groom don’t even look at each other, which I find ironic since they spend so much energy not to see each other until that moment. This wedding went story book perfect. So far this year all of my weddings have been wonderful. And I’m so glad.

Photo Of The Day

Photo Of The Day

Today’s photo comes from last nights rehearsal at the McFarland House in Martinsburg WV. They look like such a happy couple and in a few hours they will be married today.

The lighting situation at this location will be a challenge. It’s dark in the room with full sunlight pouring in. I need lots of flash power. Wish I could set up two lights off to the sides, but that is not an option so I have to use straight on flash which is not as nice looking. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.