The House-Butts Wedding Album Design

You may have seen this design before. If you’ve met me at a bridal show or come to my house before, you’ve seen this design because it is one of my samples. It became a new sample when I accidentally put Nov. 8, 2009 instead of Nov. 8, 2008 on the cover.  Yes, I do a lot of stupid things sometimes, but don’t worry I had a new one printed for my client. I would never make a client take an album they had a problem with. That’s why, in most cases, I work very hard with my couples to make sure their album is perfect for them.

I would love to hear from brides and even other photographers about their thoughts on wedding albums. Anything from cost to image selection, nothings off-limits. For example, I let my clients pick their own images for the album. A lot of photographers don’t. I understand the reasons why-clients take too long to pick their images, the images they pick aren’t very good for the looks of the album, clients pick too many posed family shots etc. Even so, I still let my clients pick. It’s not my album, it’s their album and if they like it that’s all that matters. So here’s another example design for you to enjoy.

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