Cassi and Todd married October 10, 2009

So far this was the farthest I’ve traveled for a wedding. I went all the way to Weston, WV. I’d never been on the other side of West Virgina but  it was worth the trip. Lambert’s Winery was a beautiful location for a wedding.

Cassi and Todd met each other when Cassi went to hear Todd’s band play. A friend introduced them and  I guess the rest is history. They are such a happy couple I loved working with them. I also loved that Cassi wore a long veil, I had a lot of photographic fun with it. After seeing these images I hope more brides choose long veils. So check out the shots I’m sure you’ll love them.


Amber and Joe married October 3, 2009

I photographed Amber and Joes wedding on Oct 3, 2009. Their ceremony was held at Hagerstown City Park and their reception was at the Holiday Inn in Martinsburg. The day was beautiful, the only day it didn’t rain on a wedding the whole month of October. Let me tell you, that has been frustrating!  They went with my  four-hour package where all the posed images are photographed after the wedding. It’s also a great package if you don’t like posing and just want photojournalistic coverage. Rick Rohn was the DJ and he did a wonderful job just like he always does. I had a great time at the wedding. Thanks for letting me be apart of it.

Help Crouse Photography raise $250 for NaNoWriMo

This November, the nonprofit Office of Letters and Light will be bringing together the most mighty of endurance novelists for an event that will define our generation forever.


I’m speaking, of course, of National Novel Writing Month. It’s a global writing challenge in which participants spend November (and portions of our sanity!) writing a 50,000-word book in just 30 days.


Roxanne of Crouse Photography will be among the participating authors this year. In addition to my writerly duties, I’m raising money to help the Office of Letters and Light continue to put on free creative writing programs for kids and adults in classrooms, communities, and libraries around the world. So please visit my page at Crouse Photography’s National Novel Writing Month sponorship page! and help raise money for this great cause.


Every dollar I raise will keep my spirits high as I write my way towards the realization of my creative goals. More importantly, your contribution will help National Novel Writing Month and its Young Writers Program create a more engaged and inspiring world.


Thank you so much for your support of my writing!

Something not photography related

Well, as everyone knows I love photography, but I also have other loves. I was a music major in college and all through high school I loved to write short stories and poetry and was a member of the literary guild. I’ve always loved singing, writing, and art. My dad wanted me to be an accountant :(. Poor dad I feel sorry for him. At least I did manage to find a way to make a living at one of my loves.

I decided since I didn’t have any weddings in November that I would try and write that novel I always wanted to write. I joined the national novel writing month and today was the first day. I made it to my goal of 1666 words. I have to make it to 50,000 by Nov 30 midnight. Here is the web address if you want to give it a try yourself . I would have written more today but I do still have a photography business to run and it took me three hours just to do the 1666. I don’t know if that’s good or not. Maybe I’m trying to hard.

I think my story is going to be pretty cool.  It’s going to have star-crossed lovers, vampires, supernatural stuff, gypsies, and gangs from New York in it. How do all these things relate? Well maybe some day you’ll get to read my novel and you’ll find out.  

I’m excited, which is why I’m writing about it, and I hope everyone will  help cheer me on. The site takes donations for their young writers program so if you can’t write yourself then donate and help someone else reach their dream of being a novelist some day.