WV PPA Photowalk in Shepherdstown WV

I had a great time in Shepherdstown at the WV PPA photowalk. It started out at the Clarion where we were all given instructions and a yummy breakfast. There were so many master photographers there. I can’t wait to see what they post. I’ll be posting a few images I took soon. I’m still editing images from Canada. Lots and lots of lighthouses.

I rode with Rodney Clark and his wife since I knew my way around and guided them around(it also saved me from parallel parking) We started out at a really cool church with a red door, then moved on down the street to the Farmers market. Lots of interesting things to photograph there. I always love farmers markets. We went into some very artsy stores and of course the Sweet Shop. They had chocolate wine. I’ll have to go back and buy some next Sunday.

Unfortunately it was really hot, and thirty pounds of photography gear on my back wasn’t helping. We took a little break in front of the Sweet Shop and watched all the dog people walk by. Shepherdstown really loves their dogs. I should have taken pictures of them all and started a pet photography site.

We went back to the Clarion for lunch and had a wonderful time telling photography war stories. I enjoyed the stories of the more experienced photographers greatly. I hope some of those stories never happen to me, like the mirror falling out of my camera.  He said he put it back in with gum. Oh my!

We all met at the monument and did a group shot together. I was pretty tired by then. I could barely make it up all those steps. About that time the sun had gotten to me and pretty much everyone else, so we said our good-byes and started on our long trips home. Well, some of us had long trips. I only had to drive about 15 minutes.