A Match Made in Animal Print

When I first met Sarah I learned very quickly that she loved animal prints. Even her wedding cake had leopard on it. Sarah and Mark were married April 25, 2009 at Sarah’s grandfather’s church Ebenezer Christian Church in Gore VA. It was a beautiful church I completely understand why she would want to get married there. All of Sarah’s flower arrangements came from Shenandoah Florist. And her leopard print cake was created by Sweet Tooth Bakery in Winchester VA. The reception was held at the very beautiful Old Mill Restaurant in Strasbourg VA. The weather was perfect that weekend and we were able to do some gorgeous outdoor images at both locations. Check out the images below. I hope you like them.


Thank you Kristy and George, my newest clients!

I love all of my clients which is why I always do a short blog about each and everyone that books with me. Kristy and George are my newest clients and their weding is Oct. 24, 2009. They are getting married in Frederick MD at Saint John The Evangelist Roman Catholic Church. Boy, I hope I spelled all of that right! Congratulations to both of you I know your wedding day will be wonderful!

The Different Types of Wedding Albums Explained

It can be very confusing picking a wedding photographer with all the different choices out there.  As you look at websites and price lists you’ll see all kinds of terms being used that may not make any since. Proofs, flush mount, matted, what does all this really mean? Although it is always best to make an appointment with the photographers you are interested in and see the albums first hand, I’m going to try and explain them to you so you can make a more educated choice as to which photographers to meet with.


Proof Book

The purpose of proofs is so you have a way of seeing all the images from your wedding. Most photographers will offer some kind of proofing. Some will project your images on a screen or wall and some photographers present them on large flat screen TVs. Other photographers will display your images online for viewing or put them on a CD or DVD. Another option that photographers use is a proof box where loose images are put into a decorative box and are numbered on the back. The traditional way of presenting your images is the proof book.




Proof books can come in many forms. The traditional proof book is normally a two or three ring binder with a nicely decorated cover or cameo hole that holds one of your wedding images.  The inside has plastic sleeves that can hold images ranging in size from 3x 5s to 5x7s. Some photographers will even put 8x10s in this style of proof book. The next type of proof book is the magazine style or portfolio style proof book. This type of proofing does not have individual images in plastic sleeves, instead it has several images on a page and is normally spiral bound or has a book cover. There can be anywhere from one to twelve or even twenty images per page depending on the size of the pages and book.


Not all photographers still offer proof books. Many have moved to online presentation and projection. They have found this to be a more economical way to show clients their images.

Soft Cover Albums

Once you have gone through your proofs and have picked your favorites you’ll want to put them into some sort of album to tell the story of your wedding day.  One of your least expensive options is a soft cover press book. These books are just like a children’s book with a bendable cover. They come in many different sizes and normally will have your images on the cover. They make great gifts for wedding party or grandparents but are not a high quality album and may not be the best choice for preserving your wedding story. They can easily tear and sometimes the binding comes loose and pages can fall out. If you’re on a very tight budget they can be used as your wedding album.



Hard Cover Albums

The hard cover album is also known as the coffee table album or the magazine style album. These albums are a step up from the soft cover because they have a hard cover that offers more protection to the inside pages. The inside pages can still be thin and can be easily torn if mishandled. The thickness of the pages is something to pay attention to when meeting with photographers, the thicker the pages, the better the quality and the higher the cost of the album. These albums also come in many different sizes and tend to have photo covers. They may also come with dust jackets and slide in boxes to store and protect them. The binding on the hard cover tends to be better so loose pages are not normally a problem. It is a good idea to meet with different photographers that offer this type of album to compare because the quality level of this type of album can very greatly.

Matted Album

In the past your only option was the matted album. These albums tend to come with thick heavy leather covers in a variety of colors and may have a cameo opening for an image to be inserted into the front. The inside pages are thick and have real images mounted onto the page and covered with a matt for presentation and protection. The design of the matts can very to hold anywhere from one image to four or more images. The albums are available in different sizes as well. Most photographers are not using this style of album today because it is very time consuming to matt the images and they prefer the flush mount album because it allows for more freedom and creativity when laying out the album design.  

Flush Mount Album

Flush mount albums are the newest album style on the market and one of the most popular with brides and photographers. The cover styles very greatly from plain leather to photo covers. There are also different metal and acrylic covers and sizes can range from pocket size to as large as 15×15 and larger.  Each album has a unique design and the images reach all the way to the edges. The surface of the pages is flat with no matts and layouts can be designed to go across a two page spread called a panorama layout.



Album Pricing

Pricing will vary greatly among photographers. Two photographers you meet may be offering the exact same album and may still have hundreds of dollars in price difference. Why? Because of experience, reputation, and even confidence will effect how much a photographer chooses to price their albums. Photographers will also use price to control the amount of albums that are being ordered. If they don’t want to do a lot of albums they will price them high and if they want to do high volume they will price them lower. Some photographers don’t design their own albums and outsource this to an album designing specialist which may also increase the price.


There is a lot of variety out there which is why it is very important to meet with the photographers you are interested in so you can see what you are paying for before you book.






Brenda and Andrew married April 17, 2009

Brenda and Andrew are such a fun couple. I had a great time at their wedding. They met at King’s College and dated for 5 years. One night on a mountaintop over looking a city in PA Andrew proposed to Brenda and the rest is history. Their ceremony and reception was held at White Hall in Bluemont VA a location I really love. Brenda’s beautiful flowers were made by Holly Chapple   and her cake was made by Taylor Made Cakes. Again I was too busy to try a piece, maybe some day. Brenda and Andrew both got their wedding clothing at Leesburg Bridal and Tuxedo.

The wedding day went perfectly they couldn’t have asked for a better day. The sun was bright, the weather was warm. Just perfect. Everyone had an awesome time at the reception. They really let their hair down and let loose. Right now they are on honeymoon, I hope your having a great time!!

Please check this blog out from Swadley Studio!

I read Lori’s blog today, another fellow photographer, and my heart melted. I have a beautiful 12 year old son named Logan and I love him with all my heart.


On her blog is a story about another Logan who was stillborn and never had a chance to live and experience everything we take for p1000475granite. So please click below and read her blog and help if you can  Swadley Studio.

Tiffany and Robert, Happily married after 7 years

They say seven is a lucky number and I’m sure it is for Tiffany and Robert. Seven years ago they became a couple and on April 11, 2009 they became man and wife. I already went into how I was late in an eariler post so you may want to read that one too. That makes 3 weddings in ten years that I was late for because of traffic. That’s not to bad.

As you’ll be able to see below Tiffany was a beautiful bride. She got her dress at David’s Bridal in Hagerstown MD and Robert’s Tux came from Day Javu. The ceremony was held at  Harmony United Methodist Church located in Falling Waters WV. A very nice church for a ceremony. The reception was held at The Holiday Inn Martinsburg WV. The very lovely flowers were made at Bells and Bows in Martinsburg WV. The wedding cake which again I didn’t get to try was made at Sandy’s Candy Lane and was very beautifully done. Dispite the bad start of me being 45 min. late, everything turned out perfect! Now it’s time to check out the images from the wedding below. Enjoy!!

Dumbness creeps back in again!

Boy, what a day yesterday was. The wedding was great! It’s what happened before I got there.  Before I can go into it I have to give you a little history.

I always have a planning session about 30 days away from the wedding with my couples. A few years ago I had a planning session no different than any other. I always reconfirm the ceremony and reception times and locations. Sometimes these details change during the many months from when the couple booked me. At this meeting nothing had changed.  We get to the wedding day and everything is great and it’s time to go to the reception! I get there and no one from the wedding is there. I’m panicked! Where is everyone! The funny part is there was another event going on at the location (not a wedding) and they were waiting for a photographer to arrive. I kept trying to explain to them I wasn’t their photographer and where could I find the wedding that was suppose to be here. I found someone who worked there and they said there was no wedding. My heart was pounding out of my chest I thought I was going to die!

Stupidly I did not bring the contract with me so I could call the couple so I started driving home as fast as I could. I called my husband on my cell to get him to give me numbers off the contract but my cell kept shutting off on me(that cell phone is now dead,  accidentally ran it over with my car). The battery was fully charged! I get home and start calling every number on the contract hoping someone will answer. I call the last number left and the groom answers. Thank goodness! He gives the phone to the bride and I find out that they changed the reception location.  The bride gives me directions and my heart starts to calm down at least I know where I’m going now. I tell her to go ahead and do the intro of the wedding party it was going to take me to while to get there. The rest of the night went perfect but boy what a scare!

Lesson I learned, always take the contract with me and always have a working cell phone. Reconfirm at the rehearsal where the reception is.

Well dumbness must have crepped back in because yesterday I didn’t take the contract with me. Both locations were close to home and I’ve been to both many times, what could happen. A pile up on interstate 81, that’s what. I did have my cell phone and this one I haven’t had to murder with my car. I also had my GPS even though they were locations I new, but I didn’t bring the contract. Thank goodness for my hubby he gave me the numbers over the phone so I could call and let them know I would be late. If you don’t have a GPS get one!!! It gave me a route around the mess or I would have been stuck there a long time. I was still 45 min. late but it could have been a lot worse. Luckily I always build late time into my shoots because most brides are late due to their hairdressers, but this time it was me, and I even left early because I wanted to do some testing with my gels ahead of time. In the end, everything got back on schedule and it worked out fine. The couple will have a great story to tell their kids about their wedding day and I learned once again not to leave the contract at home.