The View From The Top Of Berkeley County

The view from the mountain in Hedgesville some where. I’d like to get this same shot at sunrise but haven’t managed to yank myself out of bed in time yet.


Outdoor Family Portraits

Enjoy One Fantastic Day together, and come away with breathtaking portraits that capture the magic between you.

Crouse Photography is an unforgettable outdoor family portrait experience, as you come together for a personal pro location portrait shoot by one of the area’s most imaginative contemporary photographers.

Crouse Photography specializes in dynamic and exciting location portraiture for real families. Not a hurried session in a studio. A fun, involving day out, planned around your life, and captured forever in a set of beautiful images. For more information please contact me at

Crouse Photography is your family’s chance to experience the excitement of a professional outdoor photo shoot, with the attention of a professional lifestyle portrait photographer focused solely on you.

How it works

When you schedule me using the following link:

I’ll call you to talk about your shoot. You’ll tell me who’s going to be in the photographs, who else you’re bringing to the shoot, and where you might like the pictures to be taken. We’ll discuss clothing and ideas you have to make your images more personal. I will also take a credit card number or send you a pay pal invoice to lock in your date and time. The session fee is $125 plus tax.

The shoot itself

Your photography shoot is a family event in itself. It’s a fun hour to share together, like going bowling, or going out for lunch together. It’s exciting, and well…really rather glamorous. We’ll meet at the location chosen at the appointed time and get started right away. Feel free to bring props and family pets.

Who’s going to be in your pictures?

You’ll have your own ideas about who the stars of your photography shoot are going to be. For lots of our clients, it’s simply their children. But almost all combinations of family members, and even some people outside your family group, can make for fantastic portraits. Crouse Photography specializes in energetic, lifestyle portraiture.

After the shoot

I like to take a week or so after your shoot to look carefully at all the pictures we’ve shot, and make a selection of images. If these need any digital wizardry to bring out particular aspects, this will be done during this time. The Images will be hosted online for viewing and ordering for 60 days. A link to your photo site will be emailed to you. Feel free to pass the link to other family members and friends. After the 60 days you will need to schedule an appointment for a portrait viewing.

Choosing your location

The place you choose could be at your home or at a park. It could be in your home or garden. The important thing is that we’re not only looking for a backdrop: we’re looking for a setting in which your family can live, breath, laugh and play naturally while I captures your interactions.

A piece of moorland where you go walking with the kids and your dog? A tree under which you like to picnic? A favorite beach? A rundown old lock-up where your husband and son tinker with the car? We’ll discuss ideas with you when we speak. (It’s worth keeping in mind that busy public places can be a little difficult to work in and may require special permission to shoot and sometimes a permit.)****

Leaving the location to me

I’ve found that some people prefer to put themselves entirely in our hands, and wish simply to turn up and be photographed in a beautiful place. I will give you suggestions and directions to places you’ve never been.

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Babies First Year Portrait Club



Preserve your baby’s first year with portraits! The Babies First Year Portrait Club is the perfect way to capture each precious stage of your baby’s first year. First birthday, first haircut, first Christmas can all be captured forever. Here is what is included with your membership:

• 5 Portrait Sessions to use any time good for one year. Suggested times are newborn, 3 month, 6 month, nine month and 1st birthday

• 25% OFF single reprint prices

• FREE 8×10 with reprint orders $100 or more

• 25% OFF Babies 1st year photo book

• Sessions outdoor, or on-location at your home or a special event


• Images will be hosted online for easy ordering

• Sign Up Early and receive a FREE Maternity session as well!

You get over $625 of
portrait sessions and prints
for just $200!

Save even more when you take advantage of member’s only discounts!

• 10 FREE Birth Announcements when you buy 50 or more

• Purchase your full size image files from each session with copyright release $200 (normally $300)

• FREE 8×10 when you refer a friend

If you don’t want to join the club you don’t have to! Individual sessions cost $125 each

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