Kara and Eli July 19, 2008

This will be the last wedding I shoot until after my vacation. So hopefully I will come back refreshed and relaxed and ready to go on with round 2.

Kara and Eli were such a happy couple it was a joy to capture their wedding. I can’t wait to see her and her family again in September when her sister Julianne gets married. I think that Kara was one of the happiest brides I’ve had all year. She was just so happy on her wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, Eli was too, Kara just isn’t afraid to show it.

Kara was excited about the piano shot because she is a music major. So was I. I always wanted to do a shot of a bride on top of a piano. Hopefully I get to again.

I love the old Ford they had. It was a wonderful touch to the wedding. I had to do some sepia toned images of course. My favorite was the one pictured above. I hope Kara and Eli like it too.    

We had alot of technical difficulties during the posed session which inspired me to buy a new flash system. On vacation I’ll be praticing with the new flash and I’ll get to use it at her sisters wedding.


Shanna and Andy Are Married July 12, 2008

I’m going to try and find time to put a couple images from each wedding on my blog. This past Saturday I shot a wonderful couple Shanna and Andy. They had a nice hometown wedding and everyone was so nice. My Aunt and Uncle were at the wedding. I had no idea that Shanna and Andy were family friends. It’s a small world after all.

This is Andy, the groom, who was very cooperative despite the hot weather. We took all kinds of pictures together.

The Happy Couple together. They seem very much in love. I’m sure their new little family will be very happy together.


She may not agree, but Shanna was a very beautiful bride.


They picked out gorgeous rings I had to take a close up of them.