I just had a person write me and ask – what do I do to set up my flash off-camera?  Specifically what do I buy?  What hardware do I get?  Well it’s always my pleasure to help.  So here you go!

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Seven Things Photographers Do To Ruin Their Photographs

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You’d think that some people WANT a bad photo. While there are no real rules in photography – that pertains to what you SHOULD do. When it comes to what you SHOULD NOT do, well pretty much everyone (except the most pedantic of the pedants) agrees that there are several things you should NOT do. So if you find yourself doing four or more of the things on this list and you’re not happy with your photos, at least you now know why.

1. They worry more about low-light camera performance than they do finding a compelling subject with a nice background – or finding something to photograph that they are passionate about. To all you who are of the religion of low-light I got news for you. You’re traveling in the wrong direction. As photographers we WANT light. We look for it, chase it, pray for it, beg for…

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Be Careful Out There – Safety & Security While Photographing

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In the USA we tend to take our safety and security for granted. But it’s becoming more apparent that’s no guarantee that we actually are safe. A video producer in Oakland, CA was beaten and robbed of his camera recently – and that’s just one example of what can happen, even if you’re in broad daylight and a public place.

When I was younger and traveling with a camera I was robbed in a Montreal bus station bathroom. I had my gear on my back in a back pack and someone hit me over the head while I was doing my business at the urinal. I work up with a sore head and no gear.

On Mt. Rainier, I was accosted by some VERY drunk kids in a 1969 Camaro who took a shot at me with a pistol and tried to run me over while I was shooting from…

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