Ghost Pictures I Took At HorrorFind Weekend

After going to the Spiritual Investigations seminar put on by The International Museum of Spiritual Investigations at the con, I decided I wanted to capture some images of ghosts for myself. Here was the first image I got of an apparition on our way to the theater to watch horror flicks. Keep in mind, none of these images were photoshopped in any way.

He was moving the opposite direction and looked quite menacing as he passed by us.

Later I caught this images of a ghost sitting in a chair.

You can see this ghost clearly. I guess the dead have cellphones too.

Our hallway on the 5th floor of the hotel was extremely haunted. First I caught this image of a pumpkin headed ghost trying to scare us.

  Then the cellphone ghost from the lobby appeared to us again along with a shadowy ghost to the right of him. The shadow ghost was quire scary and kept me up all night.

Gettysburg is truly a haunted place to visit. I can’t wait to go there again.