Might be my new favorite drink!

   Lady Godiva Chocolate Martini
  This wonderful chocolate martini is well worth the investment in the fine ingredients. What a wondefully sinful way to excite a martini glass!


  • 2 ounces of Godiva Dark Chocolate liqueur
  • 2 ounces of Creme de Cacao
  • 1 ounce of half-and-half
  • 2 ounces of freezing Goldenbarr Chocolate vodka
  • 1 tablespoon of shaved white chocolate
  • 2 well chilled, classy looking martini glasses

The mix

  • Combine the Godiva Chocolate liqueur, Creme de Cacao, and Goldenbarr Chocolate vodka into a cocktail shaker half full of cracked ice.
  • Shake for one full minute.
  • Add the half-and-half to the shaker and gently swirl (circular motion).
  • Strain your fine chocolate creation into your martini glasses.
  • Top each martini with shaved chocolate.
  • You’ll be in chocolate heaven.

Amanda and David Married Sept 19, 2009 Gorillas and all!

Amanda and David are a really fun couple. Not to many rehearsal dinners have a gorilla as a guest! To bad he wasn’t at the wedding :(. These two have been together FOREVER! They met in kindergarten and were friends all this time. They each dated different people (although I do recall David saying he had a secret crush on Amanda). It’s  almost like a movie plot! One day they finally started dating each other and I guess magic happened.

Their ceremony and reception were both at the Clarion in Shepherdstown WV. Amanda got her dress at Formalities Bridal and David got his tux at Classic Tuxedos. The cakes were made at Sweet Tooth Bakery and Greg from GS Productions provided the nights entertainment. It was a wonderful night and so much fun to work with a couple so much in love. I still have my pet fish from the reception. Fishy is happy and healthy!

Jennifer and Brandon married at their home Sept. 6, 2009

Jennifer and Brandon were married on Sept 6, 2009 at their home in Summit Point, WV. They had a tropical theme and an obvious love for the color blue. They seemed very happy and very well suited for each other. They wrote their own vows which I always like. It adds a touch of personality to the ceremony.

Wedding dress getting ready

Wedding dress getting ready

Jennifer’s dress looked beautiful against the blue wall

Bride and her bridesmaids getting ready

Bride and her bridesmaids getting ready

holding hands during ceremony

holding hands during ceremony

What a beautiful moment during the ceremony.

I have to wonder how many weddings Santa Claus attends each year. This was the first time he was present at a wedding I shot. The man looks so much like Santa Claus that he carries a santa hat with him everywhere he goes and lets children sit on his knee and tell him what they want for christmas. They just run up to him everywhere and ask if he is Santa. How cute.  I think maybe he is.

Congratulations to the Bridal Show Winner

Congratulations to

Brandy Lloyd

The winner of the free engagement session

I hope everyone had a great time at the show. I know I did and I can’t wait for the next one. The next show at the Martinsburg Mall will be held February 21, 2010 from 11am-5pm. There are some other great shows coming up in the area, I’m still making decisions on which ones I want to be in but I’ll be posting information about all of them so keep coming back and checking out my blog for more information.

My Newest Clients Hurray!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve booked anyone. It always comes in spurts, but today I booked Krista and Iain. They are planning a New Years wedding and I’m sure it’s going to be a blast! Their ceremony will be at Johnsontown Bible Church and the reception at St Leo’s Catholic Church. I’ve been to both locations before so I know a lot of great spots to shoot at. Krista and I are hoping for some snow, not a whole lot, just enough to cover the ground in white for a beautiful snowy background. Congratulations Krista and Iain! Shooting your wedding is going to be awesome!

The Journal’s Bridal Show at the Martinsburg Mall

The Journal will be hosting a bridal show at

The Martinsburg Mall

October 18th, 2009 11am-5pm

Planning your wedding?
Don’t do ANYTHING before visiting our show!

Meet Martinsburg’s BEST wedding professionals …
Without driving all over town!

MEET the area’s most trusted wedding experts
SEE spectacular fashion shows
FIND new ideas
RECEIVE expert advice
TASTE cakes and catering specialties
SAVE time and money
DISCOVER all of your options

Bridal Show Tips For Brides

  1. First thing to do is get a list of the area bridal shows. You can get a list at http://www.crousephotography.net
  2. Plan to spend a couple hours at the show, bring your Maid of honor, mom, or groom to help you with vendor questions and information collecting.
  3. Bring pictures with you to show to the vendors. This will help them give more accurate price quotes.
  4. Wear shows you can do a lot of walking in so you don’t get sore feet
  5. Don’t be afraid of the vendors walk up and ask questions! They want to hear your ideas. Bring a list of questions so you will be prepared to get great information.
  6. Take a folder with you. Make one side for information from vendors you really liked and one side for vendors you didn’t like. You may want to bring a notebook to write down information that is not in the brochures.
  7. Bring address labels to fill out those mailing lists, drawings, and special deals a lot faster.
  8. Don’t just book the first vendor you talk to. Shop around and ask questions you may find a better fit for your wedding.
  9. Find out what vendors are at the show so you can do research on them ahead of time. That way if you like them you can go ahead and book them at the show and save time meeting with them again later. Some vendors will offer specials that are only available at the show so doing your research ahead of time will help you feel better about taking advantage of those specials.

10.  You may want to sign up for a new email address and/or open a temporary post office box so that after your wedding you can close them and not get wedding junk mail anymore.

11.  If the show has a website register prior to the show a lot of times this will get you in free whereas you’ll have to pay if you register at the door.

12.  Bring a bag with you not every show will provide one for you. You’re going to get a lot of information.