Alicia and Matthew, worlds apart, but still married on Oct. 9, 2008

Alicia and Matthew had a small wedding in Shepherdstown. Matthew is from Belgium and they met while playing sports in England and it must have been love at first sight because you couldn’t keep these two apart. The wedding was at St Agnes Church in Shepherdstown and the reception was at The Yellow Brick Bank. I can’t wait to go back there and try the Shepherds Pie. These two were certainly in love, they were the first couple I ever had to ask to stop kissing.  I guess distance does make the heart grow fonder.





Alicia wore her mother’s dress, not to many brides do that anymore.



The following images were taken at Alicia’s Grandmother’s home. What a gorgious property! I would want to have picnics every day by that lake.









Congratulations Alicia and Matthew. I hope you two are finally together here in America.


Heather and Jamie were one of my Irish Couples married Oct. 11, 2008

I love Heather and Jamie and I love how they made their wedding their own. They had an Irish theme all the way down to the flowers and bridesmaids dresses. They had an outdoor wedding at the Gazebo at Cacapon State Park. It was the perfect time of year for an outdoor wedding. The Fall foliage looked great. The reception was held at the lodge in one of the banquet rooms. The really cool bridesmaids dresses and wedding gown were made by Nyla Kelley at Sew Perfect. The tuxedos came from Classic Tuxedos.  All of the flowers came from Winchester Floral. The wedding cake and all the pies were made at Cacapon State Park resort. The DJ at the reception was Hampton Thomas from Special Occasions and he did a great job of keeping the party going with Irish music.  Heather and Jamie also had a videographer from LCA Productions and a Carriage from the Shenandoah Carriage Company.


I LOVE these dresses. I would wear one every day, along with my pajamas if it was socially acceptable.


Heather was so relaxed and happy even when we were running behind. That’s the way to be girls on your wedding day. Just enjoy it !!!!




Jamie was a natural at posing. He made my job really easy. You might want to consider a modeling  job 😉


Heather and her dad coming in the carriage. What a special ride that must have been. Her dad is such a nice man I got to get to know him in my car on the way to meet Heather for getting ready shots.  




I love carriages so I had to get alot of shots with it.





I felt it was important to note that Jamie made the knife himself that they used to cut the cake. Way to go Jamie, it looked great!


I love the way her dress would fly out when she was dancing. It looks so cool!


On this post I avoided all kissing shots. 😛  Well except one.

Rachel and Daniel are a really cool couple and now they are married

They were married October 4, 2008 at St. Paul’s on the Hill in Winchester VA.  A lovely little church that my GPS couldn’t find. I almost missed the rehearsal but got there just in time. Their reception was at the Piccadilly’s Brew Pub in Winchester. I’ve been there before and I never new they had a recetion room upstairs. It’s a great restaurant if your looking for somewhere to go. It happens to be my brother-in-laws favorite restaurant. The reception was alot of fun. Rachel and Daniel were a party couple and so were their friends.









A nice traditional hands and ring shot. You got to remind me to do this one

sometimes I forget, it’s certainly a classic shot to have.


I really like to do shots like the one below. I think its gorgeous!



This was during their first dance. I think they were enjoying themselves.


Here I go with the kissing shots again. I guess I just like to make my couples kiss!!!

Meghan and Andrew married on Sept 27, 2008

Meghan and Andrew were a lovely couple and so excited about getting married. They didn’t have an engagement session so their wedding day was the first time I shot with them. Their ceremony was held at Pikeside United Methodist Church a truly warm and welcoming church. As you can see from the images below it was a gorgious setting for a wedding. The reception was at St. Leo’s Fellowship Hall in Inwood. Alot of my clients have their receptions at St. Leos. They do a great job. It is also a wonderful place to have the wedding ceremony as well. They also used DJ Jeff Baker for the reception entertainment. I love Jeff and his wife Amy, they are always so warm and fun to work with. They make every reception they’re at a night to remember. Check out the pictures below and see for yourself.









The image below is my favorite from this wedding. When I saw that big window I new exactly what I wanted to do with it. 



Here is Amy, Jeff’s wife, with all the children. While the adults are still eating Jeff and Amy will do the chicken dance with the kids. At the end each kid that joins the fun gets a prize.



So funny! I just looked at all the images of the couple and they are all kissing images!!! Oh well, kissing is a good thing right!!! Maghan and Andrew, thank you for letting me be apart of your wedding day.

Welcome to Blue Ridge Bride Newsletter Issue #1

Blue Ridge Bride

Getting Married in 2009? Consider the Blue Ridge Shenandoah Valley!     


Blue Ridge Mountain Range
Dear Happy Couple,

Congratulations on your engagement!
Welcome to the Blue Ridge Bride Newsletter! As a recent bride, I am especially excited about what the Blue Ridge Bride has to offer. It will be published monthly and will focus on the Shenandoah Valley. Since the Blue Ridge Bride is a local newsletter, unlike a national newsletter we have the advantage of discussing topics that are relevant to you, The Blue Ridge Bride!

This issue focuses on Budgets!  Take a look at the Groom’s Perspective, What’s Hot on the Wedding Scene, December’s Signature Drink, and the Hottest Flower! There is also a Seven Point Guide to Getting Your Skin Photo Ready.  Plus each issue will have a Special Offer just for YOU only in the Blue Ridge Bride Newsletter! 

We are excited about the topics for our upcoming issues. For instance, we will cover the best exercises to loose weight (in the shortest amount of time), the flowers that are in season for your wedding, and choosing a site for your wedding. Just to name a few! Plus, we also have a Groom’s Perspective in every issue.
Please go to to see the list of exciting exhibitors that will be featured by Blue Ridge Bride plus come to the show on January 18, 2009 at the Sportsplex in Winchester. Also, help a friend join our mailing list by clicking the link below!
We can’t wait to hear about your wedding!
Annie and the staff of Encore Event Partners

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Working with a Budget: Should Price be the Decision Maker?
by Michael Haymaker – Classic Tuxedoes 

Every bride has a dream of her wedding day.  Unfortunately, the economy is putting brides in a position where the wedding of their dreams is becoming the wedding they can afford.  For this reason, many brides ponder over letting price drive their choices in order to meet their budgets. The question is should price always be the deciding factor.  Rule #1 – decide on what is most important to you and do not let price drive this part of your dream.
For example: 

Bride in Dressing Room with MomOne of the decisions a bride faces is should she enlist the help of a wedding planner or can she do this herself or rely on friends.  Michael Haymaker of Classic Tuxedoes remarked, ” I have personally seen that many brides want to negotiate the fees concerning their planners. Many feel that it is an unnecessary expense, although when it comes down to a month prior or the week of the wedding what should be a joyful time is causing them a great deal of undue stress. There are those individuals where price is not a concern but on the average, in this economy, they are trying to have an elegant wedding, but on a shoe string budget.” The key to understanding what services a wedding planner can provide can be summarized with Michael’s statement, “It is only with foresight and proper communication that the new bride and groom understand just how important their planner can be for their special day. Having the event to flow is just as important as the gown, photographer, florist, and music. The event planner is there to ensure all people who have been contracted by the bride and family fulfill their assigned responsibility and be made to feel accountable” Brides remember, a wedding planner can bring to the table peace of mind, organization, and allowing you to be JUST the bride.”  Yes, the economy is bad but do not let price affect the quality of your event.





The Groom’s Perspective!

Classic Tuxedos 
Including your partner in the decision making process is very important for establishing your new relationship with each other. This is your partner’s column. Ask us your questions and we will survey local grooms. We have the answers to the questions YOU asked!
This month we asked-As a groom what would you like to see at your wedding?
Most grooms we spoke to were glad to have the wedding day be mostly about the bride. However, we encourage you to make sure the day is about you as a couple. Do something at the wedding that has the groom’s name on it. For instance, cigar bars are very popular this year.Perhaps, embrace the southern tradition of having a groom’s cake. The cake can be something that really represents the groom, his favorite team logo, or  a cake the represents what he does for a living. Maybe make sure the D.J. plays some of his favorite songs or the caterer includes one of his favorite dishes. Its easy for the groom to be overshadowed on your wedding day just don’t forget its his day too!


Join Us at The Blue Ridge Bridal Show

January 18, 2009


 Whats HOT on the Wedding Scene?
 This year at the top of whats hot on the wedding scene are “couture” cakes. Expect to see lots of black and white icing and various unsual flavors. Have fun with your flavors and use your baker’s experience to come up with something really exciting!



Put Annie to work by sending her YOUR questions! Annie will find your answers from the Shenandoah’s Premier Wedding Professionals. Send wedding related questions to



Making Your Skin Photo Ready!

By Genevieve Munn
Master Esthetician and Make-Up Artist
Le Papillon Day Resort 

Engagement photos are a great way to get people excited about your upcoming wedding nuptials and celebrate the journey you are about to take together. Not only do they look wonderful in a formal wedding announcement but they can also be used for your wedding website or as part of your save-the-date cards. The real question after you have chosen a photographer and a location for the photo is…HOW DO I LOOK FABULOUS?

       1.) Get your eyebrows shaped to perfection. One week advance time on this is usually enough  to ensure smoothness without any redness.
       2.)  Schedule a facial a few days before the big day. Avoid getting extractions and simply focus on relaxation and cleansing the skin.
        3.) Consider having your hair and make-up done the day of the photo session to “test” how it might look in photographs on your wedding day.
        4.) If you are looking for a glowy look, try out mineral make-up.If you are looking for a more matte look,you may want to try a liquid foundation or a liquid  powder finish.
         5.) Drink plenty of water, and limit your salt and alcohol intake to avoid weight gain or bloating.
         6.) The night before soak chamomile tea bags in hot water and then rinse in cool water to creat an eye pack that will help to banish dark circles and puffy eyes. Then apply for 20 minutes to immediately reduce puffiness and dark circles.
          7.) If you do get a pimple the day of the shoot, do not touch it,as you will make it harder to cover. Most photographers have no problem with one or two pimples as these can easily be covered with make-up or digitally removed.


Hottest Flowers in the Hothouse!

black orchidThis year expect to see bold flowers, in both shape and color. Considered one of the rarest flowers(and most expensive) the elegant black orchid is this months hottest flower because it can be found at celebrity weddings floating in a pond or at the base of a fountain. Dare to be different!


December’s Signature Drink!

“Splash of Gold” 

There is nothing more in vogue at any event than a signature drink. This month’s drink has a holiday flair just in case you want to try it out before you choose it for your wedding. Be warned, this drink really sparkles!

Splash of Gold 
1 serving of your favorite sparkling wine
1 splash of Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps


 A Special Thanks to This Month’s  Sponsors!
Issue #1 – December 2008
Le Papillon Day Resort
 Classic Tuxedos
 Classic Tuxedos
 Classic Tuxedos









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Julianne and Bradley were married September 20, 2008

Julianne and Bradley were a very sweet couple. They helped me fulfill my dream of shooting in a field of flowers during their engagement session. Thanks so much!!! They got married at Central Chapel located on back creek valley road. Their reception was at Heritage Hall in Inwood WV. Julianne purchased her very beautiful dress from The Barn in Inwood and Bradley’s Tux came from Classic Tuxedos in Winchester. I also shot her sisters wedding in July. Below are a couple of my fav shots from the wedding.













Tiffany and Bryan, what a great pair!

I know I’ve been terrible about the whole blog thing but now my busy season is over so I’m going to try and catch up the next two months while I don’t have any weddings going on.

Tiffany and Bryan Tied the knot Sept 13, 2008 at Cacapon State Park. It rained during the rehearsal but the wedding day turned out pretty good. They had their ceremony at the Batt Shelter and the reception at the Bath house. Both locations were very rustic and beautiful. At the reception they used GS Productions as their DJ who did an excellent job. Here are a couple of my favs from the day below.


Tiffany got her Dress from The Barn. I thought it was a beautiful dress!!!







How Often does a Groom get to wear flip flops on his wedding day. Perhaps not often enough.