Photos of New England and Canada

The last wedding I posted was way back in June so I know I’m way behind in blogging. I decided to keep going in order until I catch up. After the June 5th wedding, my husband and I went on a cruise for our tenth anniversary. Vacation is the only time I get to take pictures for myself and I got some really good ones. One of these days I plan to decorate my walls with these pics.

We cruised out of Baltimore on a Royal Caribbean ship. If your still looking for a honeymoon I definitely recommend a Royal Caribbean cruise. The only bad thing about cruising locally is that everyone on the ship is a lot older. Our ship was dead by 10pm. If you want a younger crowd, cruise out of a southern port like Miami. Here’s a picture of one of the bridges in the Chesapeake Bay.

I used Topaz Adjust to edit some of these images, a program I love. It really helps pop out the color.

The picture above is St. John. You can watch as the fog rolls in off the ocean. A few minutes later this entire area was covered in fog.

We went an excursion to a local Canadian bar. The only bad thing was the excursion was 9am in the morning, a little early to be drinking beer. That didn’t stop my husband, he’d never turn down free samples of beer no matter how early it was in the morning.

We visited some museums while in Canada and took tours of the cities.

If you love lighthouse then you’ll love Canada and New England. I shot so many lighthouses I actually got tired of seeing them. That’s a lie, I ran out with a camera every time we passed one.

We went to Salem too. I’ve never seen such a witch friendly city in my life. I wish we would have had more time to spend there. I’d like to go there for a weekend some time.

A really awesome thing about cruises is you get to see beautiful sun sets and sunrises every day.

I’ll post some more pictures from the trip later.

Honeymooners, need someone to take care of your pets while your gone?

I had the privilege of shooting a wedding for Stash and Julie last year and they are wonderful and fun people. They have a really cool business called Dog-Gone Walking of Hagerstown. Any wedding couple who plan to go on a honeymoon will find their service very useful. Here is what Julie had to say about her business:

Our goal at Dog-Gone Walkin is to offer pet owners full-service, top quality pet care in an environment that is pet friendly and convenient.  We are dedicated to showering you and your pets with the care and attention all loved ones deserve. Dog-Gone Walkin strives to accommodate all your needs and be that extra helping hand and loving friend in your pet’s life.  We offer daily visits for your pet, which include walks, feedings, play times, or just good company, depending on your needs.  We also offer Pet Waste removal services so you and your family can enjoy a nice, clean yard.


At Dog-Gone Walkin, we offer the best quality pet care service.  As pet lovers, we understand the unique place our best friends hold in our hearts as companions, confidants and comforters.  They are members of the family.  When our pets are not with us, we want comfort from the knowledge that they are getting the same loving care and attention that we give them at home. 


We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for you and your best friend.



Don’t forget to wish them a happy 1st anniversary this September 6, 2009. It’s coming up soon !!!