Be Careful Out There – Safety & Security While Photographing

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In the USA we tend to take our safety and security for granted. But it’s becoming more apparent that’s no guarantee that we actually are safe. A video producer in Oakland, CA was beaten and robbed of his camera recently – and that’s just one example of what can happen, even if you’re in broad daylight and a public place.

When I was younger and traveling with a camera I was robbed in a Montreal bus station bathroom. I had my gear on my back in a back pack and someone hit me over the head while I was doing my business at the urinal. I work up with a sore head and no gear.

On Mt. Rainier, I was accosted by some VERY drunk kids in a 1969 Camaro who took a shot at me with a pistol and tried to run me over while I was shooting from…

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The Auto and the Perspective method offer dramatically different Photomerge results. We stick with Auto for the first attempt.

The Photomerge command offers six different layout options when creating a panoramic photo. Each method interprets the panoramic photos differently.  We often try to run multiple methods to see which produces the best results. A good place to start is Auto, which attempts to align the images but will bend them as needed.

  • Auto: With this method, Photoshop first analyzes your source images.  It then applies either the Perspective, Cylindrical, and Spherical layout option.  Photoshop attempts to choose which method to use that will produce a better Photomerge.
  • Perspective: This method creates a composition by designating one of the source images as the center of the panoramic image.  Photoshop generally picks the middle image, then transforms the other images around it.  Photoshop will stretch and skew images as needed to…

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2013 Alaska Bald Eagle Workshop

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Next year will be full of “lasts” for me. I’ll be teaching and co-leading an Alaska Bald Eagle field workshop with my pal Robert O’Toole. The dates are Mar 20th – Mar 24, 2013, and  Mar 27th – Mar 31st, 2013,

This will be my last field workshop before I retire next November. If you’re one of those people who’ve contacted me and said, “I’d sure like to go up to shoot eagles with you Scott,” then this is your last chance.

Robert and I will take you to all our secret places. Not only will we guarantee you eagles, we’ll guarantee you eagles that are close enough to shoot with a 70-200mm lens!

Throw in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, Photoshop instruction, critiques, great food and friendship and it will be the trip of a lifetime.

The cost is $3800. Plus airfare to and from…

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Camera Lens Buying Guide – UPDATED November, 2012

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UPDATED November 2012 – there have been several cool new lenses released since I first published this list and those changes are reflected herein. I’ve also added a few more of the older lenses I’ve had time to test and fall in love with as well as another zoom. I’ve also added a section briefly explaining the difference between prime and zoom lenses:


I get lots of “what camera should I buy” questions here at Photofocus. I personally don’t enjoy that question since it’s sort of like asking me “What sort of car should I buy?”

I do have more sympathy for the next logical question: “What lens should I buy?” I am not talking about the “Is the Nikon 50 f/1.4 really better than the 50 f/1.8 lens?” questions, but the “What lens should I buy generally?” questions.

Neither question is easy to answer. This is an updated…

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A Family Portrait Deal You Don’t Want To Miss

Just In Time For Christmas!


Capture The Holidays With A Family Portrait!
Let me create holiday memories you’ll enjoy all year. A family portrait is a gift that keeps on giving.

Now until Dec. 10 book a studio style portrait session for only $52 plus tax (normally $125). You’ll get 6 different poses and all 6 images on CD w/ release is included!

That’s a value of $425 for only $52, an awesome deal for the holidays!

All sessions will be at my home. Schedule a date and time HERE.
All sessions do require advanced payment to hold date and time.

And That’s Not All! Reprints Are On Sale!


Now until December 10th all reprints are reduced in price to help with the holidays. I know you have a lot of presents to buy, so do I. That’s why I’m lowering the price for Christmas so you can order more for family and friends. Check out the lowered prices HERE!

I can also re-host your old events for Free so your friends and family can order as well! Just let me know and I’ll get them online ASAP!

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You have all heard about Bridezillas.  Those terrible, overbearing, control everything brides who expect every professional vendor she hires to bow to her will or be devoured. Luckily, in my 20 years in the wedding industry, I have run across only a few of these creatures who destroy weddings and leave a trail of unhappy professionals and bewildered guests in their path. But what I have noticed becoming more and more of a trend is what I like to refer to as the unbridezilla.  What is this you may ask? Well, let me tell you.

The unbridezilla is armed with a double barrel shotgun approach to their wedding: “I don’t know” and “I don’t care”.  These are the two answers a vendor will receive to 95% of the questions asked of them.  A recent conversation I had with one of these lovely species of bride:

“Your ceremony is at XX…

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