Photofocus (old site)

The Auto and the Perspective method offer dramatically different Photomerge results. We stick with Auto for the first attempt.

The Photomerge command offers six different layout options when creating a panoramic photo. Each method interprets the panoramic photos differently.  We often try to run multiple methods to see which produces the best results. A good place to start is Auto, which attempts to align the images but will bend them as needed.

  • Auto: With this method, Photoshop first analyzes your source images.  It then applies either the Perspective, Cylindrical, and Spherical layout option.  Photoshop attempts to choose which method to use that will produce a better Photomerge.
  • Perspective: This method creates a composition by designating one of the source images as the center of the panoramic image.  Photoshop generally picks the middle image, then transforms the other images around it.  Photoshop will stretch and skew images as needed to…

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