October wedding I shot a year ago. I know, I’m WAY behind.

Maybe I’ll catch up on blogging weddings, but I probably won’t. I’m still going to try though. This wedding was held at a church on Tabler Station Road and the reception was held at the Holliday Inn. There is a great picture of Rick Rohn mixed in there. He is a local DJ if you are still looking for one for your wedding.  He and I have worked together a lot this year. Hi Rick if your reading this! He told me once he was amazed at how often I updated my blog. I do update, but some how have still managed to fall a year behind in posting weddings. Go figure. While things are slowing down I’m going to try to catch up. At some point I do promise to write the second part to my white balance blog (If anyone is interested in reading that leave me a comment so I’m more motivated to write it).

Such an adorable couple below. In a few days I’ll be shooting a portrait session with the two of them. It will be interesting to see where they are a year later. Hopefully still madly in love.


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