NAPP Photowalk 2011 in Lessburg VA

I decided to go to the Leesburg photowalk again this year even though  the Winchester walk was closer because I like to see old friends again. Maybe next year I’ll do the Winchester walk. I was going to do both but the rain and the cold got to me in Leesburg. Right now I’m waiting for the pics I took to download so I can take a better look at them (and warming up). The real fun part is editing them and turning them into something magical.

This year I took my son with me and let him us my old Canon 20D. He’s taking a photography class in high school and may get extra credit for participating. I was surprised at the natural eye for composition he has. I can’t wait to see what he got. I hope the experience inspires him to come along with old mom more often.  The download is almost done. I’ll have to edit the wedding I shot last night at The McFarland House first, but I am going to take a quick peep and see if I got anything really good.


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