Yesterday’s Wedding at Berkeley Castle

I t was an early wedding. I had to get up at 5am. Being so early and the fact that the bridal party were an hour late getting to the rehearsal, I figured the bride and bridesmaids would not be ready a 8:15 am and I was right. Not a big deal, it happens all the time. As I tell all my brides, “If we don’t get it done before, we’ll just do it after the ceremony”. It just makes the after session a lot longer and I have to cut out the more creative stuff I planned to do. Which I was sad about this time because I’ve never shot at Berkeley Castle before and had all kinds of cool ideas I wanted to do. Oh well, that’s the way wedding photography goes. Maybe next time.

Wedding at Berkeley Castle in Berkeley Springs WV

At least it didn’t rain even though it was burning hot. It was probably better we didn’t do outdoor shots before the ceremony because the bride would have melted into a puddle of white lace and chafon. The ceremony went perfectly even with six kids all under the age of ten. The kids did make the group shots after the ceremony quite interesting as they wondered in and out of the frame. I was using a very slow shutter speed on a tripod because the castle is very dark and in one shot a little boy jumped in from no where and he looks like a ghost in the shot. I don’t know how the couple will feel about it but I thought it was neat looking and kept it in.

The reception was at the Bathhouse at Cacapon state park. Normally it’s a great place for a reception but yesterday I guess it was just too hot for the air conditioners to keep up and it was a bit warm in the room. I enjoyed meeting the string quartet that played at the ceremony and reception. They were very nice and extremely talented players. They called themselves the String Poets and I highly recommend them. The fairy tale theme went wonderfully with the castle. I think it turned out to be a great day and the couple seemed so happy. I hope they had a safe trip back to Michigan.

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