Photography Projects I Work On In My Spare Time

I love manipulating images and creating composites. I especially like creating fairies and hope one day to have a studio and a huge set to do fairy portraits, giant mushrooms and everything. I’d love to find someone to take me under their wing and teach me everything they know about adobe photoshop. I spend a lot of time watching tutorials online but they can only take you so far. As soon as I get a few more weddings booked, I’ll probably sign back up for NAPP. I subscribed for a year but that year was really busy and I didn’t get to use it much. I did make it through all of  David Ziser’s videos which I recommend to anyone interested in wedding photography. He has a wonder blog Digital Pro Talk that every photographer should follow. Here are some samples of my composite images. I hope you enjoy them.

Crouse Photography Fairy Wedding couple

I’ve made several of this one now for my wedding clients. It’s a really popular image.


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