Images From a Hotel Wedding

Are you planning a wedding at a local hotel? Then you may want to check these images out. They are from a wedding I shot on July 3, 2010 at the Holiday Inn  in Martinsburg WV.


Many hotels have wonderful rooms to hold your reception in and the Holiday Inn’s ball room was recently renovated a few years ago. The cake above, I believe, was made by Cindy’s Sweets and turned out nicely.

When shooting in a hotel, it’s great because everything is under one roof and I can go to the reception room before your guests arrive and take pictures of the set up and cake before anything gets disturbed.

I can also get pictures of the bride in her room getting ready. It’s important to pick a hotel that is well decorated and doesn’t have a lot of extra unneeded items in the room so your images are clean and focused on you.

You can also shoot outside around the walls and pillars of the hotel so look for these kind of features to use.

You’ll want to keep an eye on the backgrounds. You don’t want people walking through the back or parked cars distracting from your subject. The parking lot will limit where you can shoot at, but a creative photographer will know how to work around it.

Check out the lobby area of the hotel you choose, too. It could be a great place to shoot or a great place to avoid. Pick a hotel with a lobby that reflects your style. Don’t pick a hotel with a retro 60s lobby if you like a more country look.


If you’ve picked a hotel solely on price and it’s not very attractive, a skilled photographer will be able to angle and shoot close to cut out the areas that are ugly or distracting.


I wouldn’t recommend having your ceremony at some hotels because the room may be filled with mirrors or have exit signs and temperature control panels on the walls that can really take away from the pictures. You may have to pay a lot of money to redecorate to cover up these ugly distractions. Check the hotel for a room appropriately decorated to have a ceremony in.

Sometimes you have to trust your photographers judgement. They may want to take you to a location at the hotel that to you looks terrible.  The picture below was shot right next to the dumpsters. I shot it vertical to cut the ugly mess out and make use of the huge open space that was there.

You should look and see whats around the hotel you choose as well. At the Holiday Inn there is a big open field next to it that a skilled photographer will definitely make use of. I created this picture in that field by staying low to the ground so you couldn’t see the interstate in the background.

If your hotel is surrounded by unattractive scenery, you can still shoot outside, the photographer will just need to shoot in closer or use a shallow depth of field to make the background blurry.


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