More about the new Camera!

I got to shoot two weddings this weekend with my new camera. I struggled a little because I can’t find what I’m looking for in the menus. It will take a while but it will become second nature eventually. So if I’m at your wedding and I’m just standing there looking puzzled, don’t worry, it’s not that somethings broke or I forgot how to shoot, I’m probably just looking for the new location of the custom white balance.

I also learned that I need to upgrade my qflash module. Apparently after the 40D, they changed the electrical workings of the canons. I can still use it with pocket wizards and if I hook it up through the PC port but I don’t get full TTL that way. I’ve been using my 580ex 2 more. I’ll be sending the qflash and the module to Quantum to be upgraded in November. I’ve got two turbo batteries that died I need to send them too.

That reminds me. I need to start charging batteries for this Saturdays wedding.

I’m excited to get prints made and see what they look like.

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