Mandy and Tim married April 3, 2010

It’s been a few weeks since their wedding and I hope they are enjoying their wedding images. Mandy and Tim booked a four-hour package with me and I think it worked out very well. Their wedding was smaller and more intimate with family and close friends. The ceremony was held at Hagerstown Church of Christ in Hagerstown MD and the reception a few miles away at Nick’s Airport Inn. The weather was perfect and the bride and groom looked wonderful as you can see from their images below. Everything went perfectly until I got to the reception.

For some reason 2 turbo batteries and my 580ex2 flash decided to stop working. I started to think that Nick’s might be located in some kind of photography Bermuda triangle. Thank goodness I had a 3rd turbo battery and another flash as backup. Plus the room was well-lit with natural light that I really didn’t need flash. I just needed to watch my position to make  sure the light coming in looked nice on everyone.  

It just freaked me out a little because in 12 years it was the first time any of my equipment had failed. I’ve always heard the horror stories of other photographers, but never experienced it first had before. I’m glad I listened and took their advise and had backup. It’s a chore to carry all that extra stuff around all day, but definitely worth it. 

Here are the images, I hope you like them.


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