My Valentine’s Day Wedding

I shot a wedding this past valentine’s day, Jennifer and Christopher’s wedding. It was a last-minute wedding for me. The mother of the bride came in to meet with me Friday and the wedding was on Sunday. That didn’t give me much time to get to know the couple. I didn’t even meet them until the evening of the rehearsal. I was thankful that another two foot of snow didn’t fall from the sky.

It makes me a little nervous doing a last-minute wedding but I’m not opposed to doing them. I just don’t feel I have enough time to plan things out with the couple and learn what their likes and dislikes are. Jennifer and Christopher seemed pretty relaxed and easy-going the night of the rehearsal so I felt better about the short relationship. They seemed like a very nice couple.

The wedding day went smoothly. The ceremony was held at Asbury Methodist Church in Charles Town. I shot there before so I already knew what the lighting was like and where some of the good locations were. I learned that Jennifer’s dress was hand-made and it was beautiful. I can’t imagine doing all that embroidery. The reception was at the new Holiday Inn Express in Charles Town. It was my first reception there- it’s always fun to shoot somewhere new.

I’m so glad I got to shoot their wedding and can’t wait to start work on their wedding album. Here are a couple of pictures from the wedding.


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