Recent News From Roxanne

My Charity for 2010 is the MS Walk on May 1 in Martinsburg WV

Why I walk

I’ve registered for the MS Walk because I have a brother-in-law named Lee who was recently diagnosed with MS. I also want to do something for the people who have been diagnosed – and because I want to do everything to prevent more people from learning what it means to live with this disease. Today, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis, and with a diagnosis occurring most frequently between the ages of 20 and 50, many individuals face a lifetime filled with unpredictability.

Please visit my MS page and make a donation. Every little bit counts. You can also join our team and walk with us on May 1, 2010 just click HERE to participate.


Check out one of My recent Album designs!

The final product from your wedding day will be your wedding album. It is important that you look carefully at your potential photographer’s designs to make sure that you love their style and vision. It is possible for a photographer to be wonderful at taking wedding images but horrible at album designing so look at lots of sample albums before making a decision. You can view one of my album designs HERE. You can see other examples on my blog.


I Offer Wedding Pricing That is Affordable.

Because I am a small business and work from my home, I’m able to offer prices that in these economic times are more affordable. I specialize in just weddings and can devote all of my time to editing and creating beautiful works of art from your images that other photographers would make you pay extra for. I can also do it in less time. Instead of waiting 6 to 8 weeks to see your images, you’ll only have to wait a week. Check out my Wedding Prices and see for yourself.
A lot of people think that if a photographer charges less that they are not as good. Sometimes this is true, but sometimes it’s because the photographer loves to shoot weddings, like myself, and wants to shoot a lot of them. It is a myth that if they charge more they are better. In a lot of cases photographers charge high prices because they actually don’t like shooting weddings and if they’re going to shoot one they want to make it worth it. So don’t be fooled, make sure you check the photographers work carefully. Meet with them and view their work in person. Make sure they seem enthusiastic about your wedding. If they seem secretive, uncooperative, or won’t show you a complete wedding from start to finish, don’t book them! Trust your intuition.

Vendor Spotlight! GS Productions

Are you still looking for a DJ for your event? Here is a great one! Greg from GS Productions is more than just a person playing music. He will help you organize your event and keep it flowing smoothly the whole night so you ca enjoy your time with your guests! He is fun, creative, and will work hard to get everyone up and having a good time. Check out his website GS Productions.


Sample Wedding Day Schedule for a 3pm Wedding

6:30am- Wake up! Shower and eat a large breakfast. You may not get to eat again till the reception. Load car with things you gathered over the past few days. You may want to load these things the night before into your car to save time.7:30am- Head for beauty salon for 8am appointment.

8am- Start beauty appointment. Tell them you need to leave by 10:45am. Schedule a stylist for each bridesmaid so everyone will finnish at the same time

10:45am- Leave salon with hair and make-up done. (Your bridesmaids should be following the same schedule so you will all be done at the same time.)

11:15am- Arrive at church.(plan 10 mins to park and get things from the car to the bridal room)

11:30am photographer arrives to setup equipment in the church

11:30pm- Florist arrives to ready church in time for 12:30pm photos.

12pm- Photographer starts getting ready shots with the bride and bridesmaids. The bridesmaids should be completely ready at this time so they can help the bride get in her dress.

12:30pm- photography starts of the bride, bridesmaids and bride’s side of the family. Groom and Groomsmen must be ready by 1:30pm

. 12:30pm- Any member of the Bride’s side of the family who are not already there must arrive by this time for formal pictures.

1pm- The Groom and Groomsmen should be pinning on flowers at this time.

1:20pm- Finnish photography and hide the bride.

1:30- Start photography of Groom, Groomsmen and family.

2:30- Stop photography, and start letting guests be seated.

2:45pm- Start lining up wedding party.

3:00pm- The big moment!!! (Ceremony 30 min.)

3:30pm- Ceremony over. Keep everyone together.

3:40pm- Start photography of couple together and group shots. Make sure that everyone you want in photos is aware of it and that they are to return to the sanctuary quickly.

4pm- Limo arrives.

4:15pm- photography ends.

4:25pm- into the limo.

5pm- Arrive at reception. Bustle dress. Dj starts lining up wedding party.

5:10pm- announcement of wedding party.

5:20pm- First dance.

5:35pm- Dinner and mingle.

6:20pm- Start pouring drink for the toast.

6:35pm- Cake cutting and toast right afterward.

7pm- father/daughter dance and son/mother dance.

7:10pm- crank up the dance floor!!!

7:40pm- bouquet and garter toss. Limo is ready outside.

7:55pm- pass out birdseed. guest move to outside. Couple says good-bye to parents.

8:05pm- The big send-off.

8:10pm- bridal party takes care of gifts and any other duties needed for the couple.

I suggest that the bride make a schedule like this and give it to all her vendors and people participating in the wedding. It will help your wedding day to go smoother and let everyone involved know what to do and when. Thank you and I hope your wedding planning goes well.

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