Mary Kay and Pranas married October 31, 2009

Halloween! My favorite holiday. I thought long and hard whether I wanted to book a wedding on Halloween night. I’m glad I did, I got to know a wonderful couple, Mary Kay and Pranas. They met each other online on E- Harmony and I think E-Harmony did a great job, they’re a well matched couple and so much alike.  Pranas proposed to Mary Kay at the gazebo in Berkeley Springs State Park. We also did they’re engagement session there.

The ceremony was held at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic church in Berkeley Springs and the reception was at Cacapon State Park also in Berkeley Springs WV. We wanted to do out-door shots at the park, but like all of my October weddings, it rained. I did manage to squeeze in a few outdoor shots before the ceremony. The couple rode off to the reception in a gorgeous old car (a classic 57 Chevy owned by a family friend) and entered they’re excited reception to mask covered loved ones. I loved all the little Halloween touches they added to the reception. After they entered they did a special Lithuanian custom of bread, salt, and wine that was presented to them by their parents. Mary Kay and Pranas also had a special Lithuanian wedding cake made. I was too busy taking images I never got a chance to try a piece :(. Greg from GS Productions was the DJ for the night and he made sure everyone had a great time.   I’m glad I decided to work on Halloween or I would have missed meeting a wonderful and interesting couple. Thank you Pranas and Mary Kay for letting me be apart of your wedding day!

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