Kristy and George married October 24, 2009

Another rainy wedding in October. Kristy and George are an adorable couple. They met through a church group and later George found Kristy again online. She must have made an impression on him. One day, when Kristy was having a blah day he surprised her and they became engaged. A few months before their wedding I photographed their engagement images at Baker’s Park in Frederick MD. They demonstrated their ballroom dancing for me in the gazebo. They had practiced for the wedding day and they did a wonderful job when the big day finally came.

Their wedding ceremony was held at Saint John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church (that was a mouthful) and it was one of the most beautiful churches I’ve seen in the area. The reception was at Martin’s Walkersville Fire Hall, another wonderful location in Frederick MD. The food was GREAT and the DJ Martin’s provided was very friendly. He was into dancing as well.

I loved that Kristy and George gave roses to the people who were special to them at the reception, what a wonderful way to say thank you. I would like to say thank you too, for letting me be a part of your wedding. I hope I added to the enjoyment of the day.

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