Jennifer and Brandon married at their home Sept. 6, 2009

Jennifer and Brandon were married on Sept 6, 2009 at their home in Summit Point, WV. They had a tropical theme and an obvious love for the color blue. They seemed very happy and very well suited for each other. They wrote their own vows which I always like. It adds a touch of personality to the ceremony.

Wedding dress getting ready

Wedding dress getting ready

Jennifer’s dress looked beautiful against the blue wall

Bride and her bridesmaids getting ready

Bride and her bridesmaids getting ready

holding hands during ceremony

holding hands during ceremony

What a beautiful moment during the ceremony.

I have to wonder how many weddings Santa Claus attends each year. This was the first time he was present at a wedding I shot. The man looks so much like Santa Claus that he carries a santa hat with him everywhere he goes and lets children sit on his knee and tell him what they want for christmas. They just run up to him everywhere and ask if he is Santa. How cute.  I think maybe he is.

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