Tips for being on time for your wedding day

You have invested a lot of money on your wedding pictures. Don’t waste the Time that you have paid for by not showing up on Time. If your photographer has to rush, pictures that you wanted will be forgotten and the photographer will have to rush increasing the risk that something technical will go wrong. Plus your pictures may come out boring because the photographer didn’t have Time to be creative.

 Hair appointments are the number one thing that cause brides and bridesmaids to be late for their photo shoot time. What ever time you think you need for your appointment, add an hour to it. The hairstylist may make a mistake and have to start over, or you may not like the way she does it the first time and have to redo it. It is also a very bad idea to only have one hairstylist doing everyone’s hair unless the bride is the only one who needs her hair done.  

For the men the number one thing that makes them late is underestmating how long it will take to put on their tux and forgetting they need to pin on thier flowers. Groomsmen always think it will only take them 15 min to put on their tux. As they put it on they realize they don’t know how to do a part of the tux or they can’t get it alone and need help. Tell them to start an hour before they need to. The men never remember to pin on flowers.  In many cases they don’t even know they have flowers that they are suppose to be pinning on. Make sure to tell them about the flowers before the wedding and again at the rehearsal. Have their flowers delivered to where they are getting ready to help remind them as well. 

 Corset dresses are beautiful in the back, but they also take up to a half an hour to lace up. If it is a half hour from your photo start time and you haven’t already started lacing up your corset, you are already going to be late. It is also a good idea to practice lacing your dress with the person who will actually do it on the wedding day. Employees at dress shops lace dresses every day and make it seem fast and easy. Your mom or bridesmaid are not going to be as skilled as they are.

 Everyone will be asking you questions, wanting to hug you, asking you where things go, all of these things will slow you down big time. So make sure you have more time than you need. Also assign someone who is not getting photographed that you trust to handle these questions for you so you can relax and concentrate on getting ready.

 Even the late arrival by one or more people can really cause a disruption. Please emphasize that you’re Time and the photographers are carefully planned to ensure that we get all photographs of the requested shots in the least possible Time and so that you do not feel rushed.

  It is very important to finish before the guests begin to arrive. You can help by making sure everyone is ready for photographs (completely dressed, with flowers pined, etc) before the assigned Times. The best thing to do is tell everyone evolved with photos to be ready at least 30 min before the intended start Time and hand out the schedule to bridal party and family that the photographer makes for you well in advance of the wedding day. Make sure the groom and groomsmen are dressed and pinning on flowers a 1/2 hour before their shoot. Most Times they forget until its Time to start and this can take up to 15 to 30 minutes of you’re photography Time.

 Another way to help move things along is to give your photographer a list of family and friends names along with the poses that you want. It is easier for the photographer to get someone’s attention if he/she knows his or her name.

 Make sure you give this schedule to everyone you want photographed ahead of Time so they know when and where to be. Also inform them ahead of Time that it is important for everyone who is being photographed to stay in the area of the photographer. A lot of Time can be lost if we have to stop and search for people when it’s their turn.

 If you want to allow family photography during the pose sessions, it is very important to inform them ahead of Time to let the photographer get their shots first.  Studios sometimes use slave strobes that are triggered by light. If someone shoots just before the photographer, the professional photo will be ruined. Wait for the photographer to say it’s OK. Letting family and friends take photos will slow the sessions down so more Time will need to be scheduled.   

 And don’t forget to have fun!


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