Dumbness creeps back in again!

Boy, what a day yesterday was. The wedding was great! It’s what happened before I got there.  Before I can go into it I have to give you a little history.

I always have a planning session about 30 days away from the wedding with my couples. A few years ago I had a planning session no different than any other. I always reconfirm the ceremony and reception times and locations. Sometimes these details change during the many months from when the couple booked me. At this meeting nothing had changed.  We get to the wedding day and everything is great and it’s time to go to the reception! I get there and no one from the wedding is there. I’m panicked! Where is everyone! The funny part is there was another event going on at the location (not a wedding) and they were waiting for a photographer to arrive. I kept trying to explain to them I wasn’t their photographer and where could I find the wedding that was suppose to be here. I found someone who worked there and they said there was no wedding. My heart was pounding out of my chest I thought I was going to die!

Stupidly I did not bring the contract with me so I could call the couple so I started driving home as fast as I could. I called my husband on my cell to get him to give me numbers off the contract but my cell kept shutting off on me(that cell phone is now dead,  accidentally ran it over with my car). The battery was fully charged! I get home and start calling every number on the contract hoping someone will answer. I call the last number left and the groom answers. Thank goodness! He gives the phone to the bride and I find out that they changed the reception location.  The bride gives me directions and my heart starts to calm down at least I know where I’m going now. I tell her to go ahead and do the intro of the wedding party it was going to take me to while to get there. The rest of the night went perfect but boy what a scare!

Lesson I learned, always take the contract with me and always have a working cell phone. Reconfirm at the rehearsal where the reception is.

Well dumbness must have crepped back in because yesterday I didn’t take the contract with me. Both locations were close to home and I’ve been to both many times, what could happen. A pile up on interstate 81, that’s what. I did have my cell phone and this one I haven’t had to murder with my car. I also had my GPS even though they were locations I new, but I didn’t bring the contract. Thank goodness for my hubby he gave me the numbers over the phone so I could call and let them know I would be late. If you don’t have a GPS get one!!! It gave me a route around the mess or I would have been stuck there a long time. I was still 45 min. late but it could have been a lot worse. Luckily I always build late time into my shoots because most brides are late due to their hairdressers, but this time it was me, and I even left early because I wanted to do some testing with my gels ahead of time. In the end, everything got back on schedule and it worked out fine. The couple will have a great story to tell their kids about their wedding day and I learned once again not to leave the contract at home.

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