How To Get Gorgeous Wedding Images

Have you wondered how couples have time on their wedding day to get such beautiful images? Well, wonder no more because I’m about to tell you how. They didn’t take them on their wedding day, they did an After Wedding session.

On the wedding day things can run behind, the stylist takes too long, flowers don’t get delivered on time, or bridal party and family show up late. There are also all the formals with the family and bridal party that need to be done which can take a long time. After the ceremony on average I only get ten to fifteen minutes to shoot with the couple once the family shots are done. The couple are worn out and hungry by this time and are ready for the photography to end. A great solution to this problem is the After Wedding session.

You can do it the day right after your wedding while you still have the tux and the flowers or you can schedule it sometime after your honeymoon. It’s a great way to get some beautiful portraits of the two of you without having to worry about getting your dress dirty, keeping your guests waiting, or anything else you may be thinking of the day of your wedding. You can just relax and have some fun! You can go to some really cool places to get those great shots that you may not have time for the day of your wedding. Your photographer can take their time with you and create beautiful photographs that are artistic and different than the traditional wedding poses in a relaxed care free environment.


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