Meghan and Andrew married on Sept 27, 2008

Meghan and Andrew were a lovely couple and so excited about getting married. They didn’t have an engagement session so their wedding day was the first time I shot with them. Their ceremony was held at Pikeside United Methodist Church a truly warm and welcoming church. As you can see from the images below it was a gorgious setting for a wedding. The reception was at St. Leo’s Fellowship Hall in Inwood. Alot of my clients have their receptions at St. Leos. They do a great job. It is also a wonderful place to have the wedding ceremony as well. They also used DJ Jeff Baker for the reception entertainment. I love Jeff and his wife Amy, they are always so warm and fun to work with. They make every reception they’re at a night to remember. Check out the pictures below and see for yourself.









The image below is my favorite from this wedding. When I saw that big window I new exactly what I wanted to do with it. 



Here is Amy, Jeff’s wife, with all the children. While the adults are still eating Jeff and Amy will do the chicken dance with the kids. At the end each kid that joins the fun gets a prize.



So funny! I just looked at all the images of the couple and they are all kissing images!!! Oh well, kissing is a good thing right!!! Maghan and Andrew, thank you for letting me be apart of your wedding day.

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